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African Portrait Photography Retouching :: Kenyan Fashion Beauty

African Portrait Photography :: Kenya Fashion Beauty Retouching

African Portrait Photography :: Kenya Fashion Beauty Retouching

Model: Queenyimbo,Waruguru,Mercy Tom & Lyissah Grey
Makeup by: Daughty Artistry
Photography: Antony Trivet Photography
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Assistant Photographer : fredrick nyatemu freddie

Photographers Portrait Africa

African Portrait Photography :: Kenya Fashion Beauty Retouching

“A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an opinion. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth. ”
Richard Avedon

“If the portraits of our absent friends are pleasant to us, which renew our memory of them and relieve our regret for their absence by a false and empty consolation, how much more pleasant are letters which bring us the written characters of the absent friend.”
Héloïse d’Argenteuil, The Letters of Abélard and Héloïse

“There is nothing to be found in human eyes, and that is their terrifying and dolorous enigma, their abominable and delusive charm. There is nothing but that which we put there ourselves. That is why honest gazes are only to be found in portraits.

The faded and weary eyes of martyrs, expressions tortured by ecstasy, imploring and suffering eyes, some resigned, others desperate… the gazes of saints, mendicants and princesses in exile, with pardoning smiles… the gazes of the possessed, the chosen and the hysterical… and sometimes of little girls, the eyes of Ophelia and Canidia, the eyes of virgins and witches… as you live in the museums, what eternal life, dolorous and intense, shines out of you! Like precious stones enshrined between the painted eyelids of masterpieces, you disturb us across time and across space, receivers of the dream which created you!

You have souls, but they are those of the artists who wished you into being, and I am delivered to despair and mortification because I have drunk the draught of poison congealed in the irises of your eyes.

The eyes of portraits ought to be plucked out.”
Jean Lorrain, Monsieur De Phocas

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