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Nairobi To Durban :: Unscrambling Africa Campaign

The art industry in Kenya is still young and growing rapidly especially in the photography field. It’s a field that I have specialized in,since I love sharing the stories in total different perceptive. Whenever someone announces the Fashion, Portraiture and Wedding I shout at top of my voice because this what I love capturing day and night, but besides that there are other genre of the photography that would love to take part in but can’t be jack of all […]

Kenya Travel Photographers | Alba Hotels Kenya Travel Blog

Location: Alba Hotels-Meru Courtesyof : Sylvia Wanjiku Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Find Sylvia Wanjiku on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog Alba Hotel is a luxurious Four-Star boutique hotel located in the quiet up-market of Milimani suburb, in Meru, Kenya. For more insightful review about  Alba Hotel  kindly click here..

Nairobi Kenya Skyscraper-city | Nairobi Buildings

Photographing people is one of my most passionate thing I love doing among all others photography genre…but time to time whenever am either heading home or in the office—am always amazed how beautiful Nairobi city is….watching the town with our own bare eyes is not enough compared to capturing it and archiving for the future generation.Off late haven’t been shooting the weddings regularly as compared to December member and hopefully the upcoming month April which the weddings rock,I decide to […]