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Luo Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Emmanuel & Donna Dowry Images

Luo Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Emmanuel & Donna Dowry Images

Congratulations Emmanuel & Donna Date | 12.09.18 Dowry Location| Kendu Bay Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography The bride’s mother should prepare chicken “Gweno” and other meals are also included example are cow’s meat “ring dhiang” whereby the cow should be slaughtered on that day. The people who were preparing food are the ones who are involved with serving the groom’s family. The groom’s in –law/ family should not stay at the bride’s house till 6:00 pm since it […]

James Malack The Drummer :: Kenyan Portraiture Photographer

   Model: James Malack Location: Goodrich Kindergarten Academy Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Find James Malack on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog We always forget the drummer in most events especially on a live music shoot because they are often poorly lit and trashing about behind a cage of obstructive metal. When one can get over the preening singers and over-socialised guitarists, some of the most dynamic rock images to be made are of a drummer in full swing, arms’ a […]

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