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Kenyan Kanga Leso Maternity :: Tea Plantation Baby Bump

Maternity/baby bump/pregnancy portraiture is one of my favorite genres to shoot as a photographer. There is something amazing about a new family starting that any photographer that photographs pre-weddings/engagements/weddings can appreciate. It’s also our most often photographed genre outside of weddings and by extension, boudoir photography as well. Maternity photography gets to capture the transition of a couple to a family, and for us represents the second part of our client’s lives.We had the opportunity to photograph this awesome session in Kiambu Tea Plantation. We shot this session in the late afternoon, and I loved the looks that Pauline put together. The warm tones of the scene complimented their look perfectly.Kiambu Tea Plantation has some really awesome, looking places, with earthy tones that matched the look that these two put together perfectly.

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