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Lugo Collection Kimberley Muthoni :: PrideInn Azure Hotel Nairobi

Photographer: Antony Trivet Photography
Model | Kimberley Muthoni
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Suit Designer | Lugo Collection | Lugo Sports
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Location | PrideInn Azure Hotel Nairobi


Men’s and Women’s Clothing Store in Nairobi, Kenya. Fitness wear. Look and Feel good in Lugo Collection Kimberley Muthoni. Lugo Collection. Lugo Collection & Lugo Sports Kenya’s no.1 online fashion store.

Trouser suits are the new skirt suits. Go for sharp, masculine tailoring and ditch the cocktail dresses this season.
Wear the coordinating pieces together for a statement look or break them up and filter them in to your existing wardrobe for multiple styling options.

Official Trouser Suit. This is a simple an Official Trouser Suit. Its fashionable and modern look is perfect for any official event. Its the perfect piece for your daily official activities.Its is an essential foundation piece for any woman’s wardrobe. You will always look good in it! Features

1. Unique Neck design

2. Sleeved

3. Quality fabric for a long lasting life

4. Unique design. You will stand out

5. 2 in 1 feature (Fancy & Official)

6. Length: Normal Place your order online on Lugo Collection Kenya and have deliveries made to your doorstep.

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