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Nairobi Kenya Skyscraper-city | Nairobi Buildings

Photographing people is one of my most passionate thing I love doing among all others photography genre…but time to time whenever am either heading home or in the office—am always amazed how beautiful Nairobi city is….watching the town with our own bare eyes is not enough compared to capturing it and archiving for the future generation.Off late haven’t been shooting the weddings regularly as compared to December member and hopefully the upcoming month April which the weddings rock,I decide to use my free time and train my eyes to see things differently hence learning more about the composition and I manged to come up rather to capture the following buildings from the same position hence composing the shot in different perspective.

Nairobi Kenya Skyscraper-city | Nairobi Buildings
Sunset from KICC

Everyone gains agency when their true story gets into the public domain. Gain agency for yourself by creating.”

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“Everyone wants the same things, and we need to have an awareness that ‘the other’ is not so ‘other’

Sunset from KICC helipad


Urbanization, like globalization, is unstoppable,”

“People don’t want to be inspired by the high levels of poverty you have faced, but by how you have been able to overcome them.”

“To succeed, be resilient.”

Nairobi Kenya Skyscraper-city | Nairobi Buildings KENYA_NAIROBI_SKYSCRAPERCITY_ANTONY_TRIVET_PHOTOGRAPHY (9) KENYA_NAIROBI_SKYSCRAPERCITY_ANTONY_TRIVET_PHOTOGRAPHY (8) Nairobi Kenya Skyscraper-city | Nairobi Buildings

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