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Outdoors Portraits Photographers In Kenya :: Female Footballers

Outdoors Portraits Photographers In Kenya :: Female Footballers

Outdoors Portraits Photographers In Kenya :: Female Footballers Nairobi Professional Players

Model: Shikaya Shiku
Location: British American Tobacco Kenya
Photography: Antony Trivet Photography
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  The rest of us have action replays, but the sports photographers only have a moment and a camera. How do they do it? For once while Photographing Shikaya Shiku I felt like sticking to my lane of Weddings, Fashion, and Portrait since the game needs more concentration and accuracy, a moment within a competitive sport can pass quicker than in most settings, and need to take pictures which can last longer especially given the chaos and emotion of experiencing the unexpected take place first –hand purely through the unreliable witnesses of your own vision.

Kenyan Female Footballers Portraits :: Nairobi Professional Players

Outdoors Portraits Photographers In Kenya :: Female Footballers

When did you start playing football?

I started playing football as a hobby when I was nine, before I discovered boys and girls. (Laughs)

Football is mostly regarded as a man’s game. Did it feel hard or odd to do at first?

Yes it did feel that at first, because usually, I would find myself training as a girl alone in a boys’ team. But then because of the passion that I had for soccer, I never felt disturbed by that fact.

What did your parents had to say when you told them you want to take football as a career?

My dad didn’t have a problem with it, because he was a sports man too and he knew the buttered side of being a sports person. On the other hand, my mum was against it, understandably so because I’m girl and she is always very protective. But when I started taking home trophies and medals that I won, she slowly got convinced and up to now her and my dad are very supportive.


How did you find yourself in Kenya women’s football team?

I saw an advert on media and considered trying it out, and by God’s favor I made it through. And the rest like they say is history.

How does it feel to be both feminine and masculine?

(Laughs) As for me, I don’t think I’m that masculine unless now maybe you judge me by my fashion style, because at times I totally dress like a tommy. In fact, unless you know me personally, you can never say I have a thing to do with football. But if in any case I happen to be both masculine and feminine, I feel great altogether.

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