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Kamba Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Ntheo Ngasya Customary Marriage

Congratulations Melvin & Juliet Date | 11.01.19 Dowry Location| Mukuyuni Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Before the marriage a special ceremony was conducted. The groom and his kin had to throw an important party known as “ntheo” which was the minimum threshold that demonstrated that the bride officially belonged to the man she […]

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Luo Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Emmanuel & Donna Ayie Dowry

Congratulations Emmanuel & Donna Date | 12.09.18 Dowry Location| Kendu Bay Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Luo Traditional Wedding Ceremony :- The bride’s mother should prepare chicken “Gweno” and other meals are also included example are cow’s meat “ring dhiang” whereby the cow should be slaughtered on that day. The people who were […]

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Agikuyu Traditional Ngurario Ceremony :: Alice & George Ruracio Dowry

Congratulations Alice & George Date | 12.08.18 Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Assistant Photographer | Ben Kiilu Photo-shoot Location| Nyari Estate Nairobi Make Up Artist :: Freddy MakeUp Artists East Africa Dowry payment is a series of events namely:- 1. Kumenya mucii – getting to know the brides home. 2. Kuhanda ithigi – Literally means planting […]

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Kalenjin Koito Traditional Wedding :: Sharon & Carlos Marriage Ceremony

Congratulations Sharon + Carlos Date | 13.08.16 Ceremony Location | Eldoret During this day the bride groom  goes to the groom’s home with her family and clan elders. The bride groom will be taken to the special hut that has been made and decorated by the groom only.The meals were prepared by both sides. The […]

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Kikuyu Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Grace & Moses Ngurario Images

Kikuyu Traditional Wedding Ceremony What a wonderful wedding to document to start our  wedding season with Grace and Moses gorgeous wedding in Ruai,Kenya. I love the colors and energy in every Agikuyu wedding we document and this particular one has a lot of those. See the past Ngurario here. Check out these images to re-live […]

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Ruracio Dowry Marriage Ceremony :: Kikuyu Traditional Wedding Ngurario

Recently, I was lucky enough to cover one of the unique Kikuyu Traditional weddings known as “Ngurario”. Though most of the African cultures have been adversely affected by western culture: There are few people, maybe I can say the cultural remnants who still observe the traditional rituals. I guess the young generation tries to avoid […]