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Isaya Evans Casting Director :: iGabantu Studios Portraits Actor

Isaya Evans Casting Director :: iGabantu Studios Portraits Actor

During the Covid-19/Coronavirus Lock-down I did a photography project – photographing Isaya Evans the casting director and an Actor on the New normal, where the tissues /toilet papers became more useful and the lemons were scarce, hiking the prices at the iGabantu Studios, Formerly Hillcrest Academy, 209 State House Rd, Nairobi. Lack of routine can be challenging at these times.  There will be an extended period of adjustment to this new normal and uncertain world pandemic. Everyday activities have assumed […]

Isaya Evans Kinale Forest Limuru :: Hell's Gate National Park Naivasha

Isaya Evans Kinale Forest Limuru :: Hell’s Gate National Park Naivasha

Model: Isaya Evans Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Model ; Isaya Evans Find Isaya Evans on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Pinterest | Behance | Youtube Location : Hell’s Gate National Park Naivasha, Nakuru County Location :Kinale Forest Limuru Kiambu County In reality, being a creative is rough, tough, uncertain and full of challenges… sometimes you want to give up. But, not exactly for a boy whose first ever role was as a DOOR. Seeing the other kids sing, dance happily past me (as […]