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Lydia & Evans :: Crowne Plaza Hotel Kenyan Wedding Photographers

Congratulations Lydia & Evans Date | 21.10.16 Ceremony Location | Sheria House Kenya Reception Location |  Crowne Plaza Hotel Kenya Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Photo-shoot Location | Crowne Plaza Nairobi Assistant Photographer | Ariff Kuppah Decoration | Crowne Plaza Nairobi It was a gorgeous day at Crowne Plaza Hotel Kenya for Lydia and Evans’ wedding!  I loved the elegance and grace that Lydia brought to the party, and even though there were few guests present, it felt […]

Carol & Edgar :: Panafric Hotel Nairobi Kenya Wedding Photographers

Congratulations Carol + Edgar Date | 03.09.16 Ceremony Location | Loreto Convent Valley Road Reception Location | Loreto Convent Valley Road Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Photo-shoot Location | Panafric Hotel Nairobi Kenya Assistant Photographer| Ariff Kuppah and Rose Loise Decoration | Best Weddings For You Make Up Artist | Sheila Cake | Sweet Art Cakes and Events Entertainment | Silver Strings Band Bridesmaids| Enzi Porter Food | Lukes Catering Suits| Nick Ondu Carol and Edgar had the most gorgeous […]

Nelly & Ricky :: Brookhaven Gardens Kenyan Wedding Photographers

Congratulations Nelly + Ricky Date | 20.10.16 Ceremony Location | Nairobi South SDA Church Reception Location |  Brookhaven Gardens Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Photo-shoot Location | Cold Springs Karen Boutique Hotel & Hilton Hotel Assistant Photographer| Ariff Kuppah and Rose Loise Decoration  | Wedding & Events by Kwetu Kulture Make Up Artist | Pretty Faces by Naserian Mpeeyia I am so excited to share Nelly + Ricky`s wedding photos on this cold day. There is something so […]

Kalenjin Koito Traditional Wedding :: Kenyan Tradition Koito Photographer

Congratulations Sharon + Carlos Date | 13.08.16 Ceremony Location | Eldoret During this day the bride groom  goes to the groom’s home with her family and clan elders. The bride groom will be taken to the special hut that has been made and decorated by the groom only.The meals were prepared by both sides. The groom’s family will prepare the following delicacy: bull’s meat, sheep, goat and the sour milk. The bride groom’s family will only prepare ugali made of […]

Kikuyu Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Grace & Moses Ngurario Images

What a wonderful wedding to document to start our  wedding season with Grace and Moses gorgeous wedding in Ruai,Kenya. I love the colors and energy in every Agikuyu wedding we document and this particular one has a lot of those. See the past Ngurario here. Check out these images to re-live this wonderful occasion from their Irunga to their Gutinia Kiande Kikuyu Wedding ceremony. Ceremony: Ruai Photography: Antony Trivet Photography

Nairobi Kenya Wedding Session :: Kikuyu Ngurario Wedding Ceremony

Recently, I was lucky enough to cover one of the unique Kikuyu Traditional wedding known as “Ngurario”. Though most of the African cultures have been adversely affected by the western culture: There are few people, maybe I can say the cultural remnants who still observe the traditional rituals. I guess the young generation tries to avoid them due to too many complicated procedures as compared to the modern weddings. It entails a lot of things, especially the husband to be […]