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Agikuyu Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Alice & George Dowry Photos

Agikuyu Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Alice & George Dowry Photos

Congratulations Alice & George Date | 12.08.18 Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Assistant Photographer | Ben Kiilu Photo-shoot Location| Nyari Estate Nairobi Make Up Artist :: Freddy MakeUp Artists East Africa Dowry payment is a series of events namely:- 1. Kumenya mucii – getting to know the brides home. 2. Kuhanda ithigi – Literally means planting a branch of a tree mostly banana 3. Kuracia – Actual dowry payment On the set the bride- to- be  and her relatives do all the cooking for […]

Kikuyu Traditional Wedding Ceremony :: Grace & Moses Ngurario Images

What a wonderful wedding to document to start our  wedding season with Grace and Moses gorgeous wedding in Ruai,Kenya. I love the colors and energy in every Agikuyu wedding we document and this particular one has a lot of those. See the past Ngurario here. Check out these images to re-live this wonderful occasion from their Irunga to their Gutinia Kiande Kikuyu Wedding ceremony. Ceremony: Ruai Photography: Antony Trivet Photography

Nairobi Kenya Wedding Session :: Kikuyu Ngurario Wedding Ceremony

Recently, I was lucky enough to cover one of the unique Kikuyu Traditional wedding known as “Ngurario”. Though most of the African cultures have been adversely affected by the western culture: There are few people, maybe I can say the cultural remnants who still observe the traditional rituals. I guess the young generation tries to avoid them due to too many complicated procedures as compared to the modern weddings. It entails a lot of things, especially the husband to be […]

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