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Category : Travel

Nairobi Portraiture Photographer | Mr Zetech University

Model: Daniel Rafiro Location: Photo-Magic Studio Make-up artist: Zalika.Tou Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Find Daniel Rafiro on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog Meet Daniel Rafiro, the reigning Mr Zetech University. Course: Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Campus: Thika Road Campus Hobbies: Swimming, traveling, modelling and socializing Ambition; To be an international model/ Electrical Engineer—Source Zetech University Facebook page

Nairobi Kenya Travel Photography | Sly Globetrotting

Model: Sylvia Wanjiku Location: Kiambu-Kenya Make-up artist: Sylvia Wanjiku Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Find Sylvia Wanjiku on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog Sylvia Wanjiku (also known as Sly by my peers). A solo female traveler originally from Nairobi, Kenya and the blogger behind Sly The Globetrotter . I have always had a lifelong passion of travel and that is because I started enjoying it at an early age with my family.To read more about her—click here