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Hell’s Gate National Park :: Hell’s Gate Flares Naivasha

Hell's Gate National Park :: Hell's Gate Flares Naivasha

You know how you think one day your dreams may not come true after all? Well this year, they did – at least a dream I have had for many years for a great model (team) to ask for her shoot to be on the park!!!!!!!

Model: Cynthia Wanjiru
Location: Antony Trivet Photography
Makeup by: Glam Girl Sly
Photography: Antony Trivet Photography
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Assistant Photographer : Mackin Barasa
Location on : Hell’s Gate National Park Naivasha
Model: Cynthia Wanjiru
Photography:Antony Trivet Photography
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Sylviamary Wanjiru. You can call her  Sly, not that she is sly 😊.She wasn’t much of a makeup lover but a tomboy 🙈.Started loving makeup while  in college, started with threading the eyebrows, thanks to the influence of her girlfriend. “I went once and I was like,” “This is soo easy why would I pay someone to do this for me” Haha.

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