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Clotilde Tukei Studio Portraits :: Creative Light Kenyan Photographer

Clotilde Tukei Studio Portraits :: Creative Light Kenyan Photographer SOLACE Day in day out, things happen occasionally and some planned or others did randomly. Sometimes they say you fail to plan you are planning to fail, but in real life—ain`t that always serious as it is stated. Back to our photography journey especially concerning the solace concept. The main theme/concept or the planned shoot concept was supposed to highlight or be the part of the cancer campaign come the month […]

Clotilde Tukei Kenyan Model :: Kenyan Fashion Portraiture Photographer

Good morning folks! Today’s post is a portrait session I did with Clotilde Tukei, a Kenyan model from Turkana  County who wants to use beauty to empower women and young girls in the social, political and economic aspects. Clotilde is a commercial model who also does TV adverts, billboards, print, magazine, fashion, and glamour shoots. She is also a student at the University of Nairobi studying International Relations and Diplomacy. Enjoy the photos and happy Labour Day weekend ahead! Model: […]