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Nairobi Fashion Photography| Lucy Favier

Good morning folks! Today’s post is a portrait session I did with Lucy Favier of Favier Photography on Egyptian project.Talking about location,we were supposed to explore the Kenyan soil and see if we could have utilized the locations which are yet to be utilized by our fellow photographers.Unfortunately,it didn’t happen,The make-up,done by the gorgeous lady Zalika,I guess  took almost 2-3 hours since they had to undo the first look.We thank LORD even after the hiccups we managed to look for the […]

Fashion Photographer | Kenya Portraiture Trivet

Model: Laven Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Location: PhotoMagic Studio Every time we plan to do shoot with Maggie, we end up going to extra mile to achieve something that wasn’t in the plans. It is good to astonish your heart sometimes and try new things especially new setup in lights. Light make the photography world to be amazing, once you get know the rules and at end of the day you try bending the rules from the norms, chances are […]

Kenyan Fashion Photographer | Nyatiti

How would you define nyatiti? The Nyatiti is a five to eight-stringed plucked lyre from Kenya. It is a classical instrument played by the Luo people of Nyanza Kenya, typically in Benga music. It is about two to three feet long. The player holds it to his chest while seated on a low stool. Usually it is played together with the oporo,a curved horn. The Nyatiti played by the Luos is mostly 8-stringed. The stool that the player usually sits on is traditionally known […]

Kenyan Portraiture Photographer | Head Wraps

The  head-wrap exists in many cultures.You can tie it as you want and make a bold statement with a nice print or fabric type.One mystery to many is:-how do I tie a head-wrap? Well,many ways are commonly used-for example- You can use a long strip of cloth wound `round the head,or utilize a few extra pieces under  the main one!!!!!! It wont be easy for the first time but within time,the more you try,the more you will find your own way […]

Nairobi Portrait Photographer | Portraits

I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new. With photography, I like to create a fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society’s natural prejudice and giving this a twist Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures. It’s about reacting to what you […]

Nairobi Kenyan Fashion Photographer :: Denim and Cateye Blogger

This week’s blog post features Diana Machira of the fashion blog Denim and Cateye. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to share this post! Make up by Zalika                                                 WINTER IS COMING: FITTED PLAID COAT It gets to a point when that hot cup of coffee just isn’t keeping you warm enough anymore and that’s when you know it’s time to […]

Kenya Fashion Awards | Antony Trivet Photography

  COLLABORATION WITH KENYA FASHION AWARDS, DESIGNERS AND THE MODELS I have been in the Fashion industry for almost two years.It is a tough journey since our industry is still growing .There is very low percentage of the people and especially the young generation willing to venture into this industry due to low return,but again we need to take high risk in return to have higher profits margin.I guess the white collar jobs are fading away since very few elements […]

Kenya Fashion Bloggers | Denim and Cateye

Every weekend we share what happened on Denim  blog. This what happened this week : 3Cs: CASUAL. COZY. CHIC. Casual-chic is a great everyday option for ladies who, despite their busy schedules, aren’t willing to pass up looking gorge every single day! It enables you to put together your comfiest pieces, have fun dressing them up with your fave accessories and go out looking and feeling great! That being said, I have decided to share my casual looks more often on […]