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Rachael & Caxton :: Nairobi Kenya Lukenya Hills Engagement

Engagement Caxton + Rachael Date | 03.09.16 Photo shoot Location | Lukenya Hills Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Makeup by | Sunshine Joy Balogun Assistant Photographer | Ariff Kuppah Rachael and Caxton are so adorable! We had such a great day during the engagement after we were allowed to use our dream location off Mombasa road..I guess we waited almost an hour for the phone to be answered,anyway good things do take time…! We started out our shoot […]

Larry Asego Lukenya Hills :: Nairobi Kenya Portraiture Photographers

Model: Larry Asego Location:  Lukenya Hills Dressed by: Gjey Mavazi Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Assistant Photographer : Ariff Photography Find Larry Asego on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog  Find  Gjey Mavazi on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog Larry Asego  is a Kenyan born in 1980 in a family of one father, two mothers and ten siblings.He is a sportsman, theater lover, French teacher, radio and TV presenter, student and a father. But the short version is that he loves life. Read […]