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Ack St Marks Church Westlands :: Zen Gardens Kenyan Wedding Photos

Ack St Marks Church Westlands :: Zen Gardens Kenyan Wedding Photos

Congratulations Valentine + Ayotunde Date | 16.12.17 Church Ceremony | Ack St Marks Church Westlands Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Make Up Artist | Bambifacebx Wedding Planner | Bloomingdale Planners Assistant Photographer| Ariff Kuppah MC | Dr. Ofweneke Photo-shoot Location | Zen Gardens Kenya DJ | DJ Protege Valentine and Ayotunde were lucky to exclusively hire Zen Garden Kenya wedding venue  for their End Years.Once married, the speeches began and Zen Garden Hall done an amazing job of […]

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Kenyan Models Photographer :: Fashion Portraiture Photographer Kenya

Model:  Daisy Mwasi Photography: Antony Trivet Photography

Kenyan Portraiture Photographers | Nairobi Portraiture Photographers

Model: Freddie The Graphic Designer Location: Photomagic studio Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Find Freddie The Graphic Designer on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog Fredrick Nyatemu Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer

Nairobi Portraiture Photographer | Mr Zetech University

Model: Daniel Rafiro Location: Photo-Magic Studio Make-up artist: Zalika.Tou Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Find Daniel Rafiro on: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Blog Meet Daniel Rafiro, the reigning Mr Zetech University. Course: Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Campus: Thika Road Campus Hobbies: Swimming, traveling, modelling and socializing Ambition; To be an international model/ Electrical Engineer—Source Zetech University Facebook page

Kenya Nairobi Wedding Photography | Nancy and Dharshi

Congratulations Dharshi + Nancy Date | 17.01.15 Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Antony Trivet photography Photo-shoot Location | Nairobi Arboretum Assistant Photographer| Shem Az Karani Oh my goodness… Do I have a treat for ya! This engagement session was unlike any other… actually, it was more of a once in a LIFETIME opportunity for me! You’ll need to stay tune to find out what was involved with this extremely FUN and unique session!!… “What greater thing is there for two human souls, […]

Nairobi Wedding Photography | Elizabeth & James

On my way back from Kiambu to Nairobi, rushing at San Valencia to vote for P.A.K Chairperson. I received a call from Elizabeth inquiring about the charges of a engagement shoot. I think we discussed for almost one hour, the main reason being, she wanted to confirm that I was the real Antony Trivet and not impersonator. Since someone had impersonated and tried to pitch for the engagement shoot using my own images from my website. This brought a new […]

Nairobi Wedding Photographer | Engagement Shoot Loise & Josiah

Couple: Loise & Josiah Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Shoot location: Nairobi Arboretum Park I am glad the time has come to share pictures from this couple photo shoot I recently did. 🙂 Loise  and Josiah are perfect together and just fit right. can not wait for their wedding, if its one thing i know, its going to be an action packed day.Engagement is one of the most precious moments in everyone’s life. All of us would like to celebrate this […]

Kenyan Fashion Photographer | Nyatiti

How would you define nyatiti? The Nyatiti is a five to eight-stringed plucked lyre from Kenya. It is a classical instrument played by the Luo people of Nyanza Kenya, typically in Benga music. It is about two to three feet long. The player holds it to his chest while seated on a low stool. Usually it is played together with the oporo,a curved horn. The Nyatiti played by the Luos is mostly 8-stringed. The stool that the player usually sits on is traditionally known […]

Kenyan Portraiture Photographer | Head Wraps

The  head-wrap exists in many cultures.You can tie it as you want and make a bold statement with a nice print or fabric type.One mystery to many is:-how do I tie a head-wrap? Well,many ways are commonly used-for example- You can use a long strip of cloth wound `round the head,or utilize a few extra pieces under  the main one!!!!!! It wont be easy for the first time but within time,the more you try,the more you will find your own way […]

Nairobi Portrait Photographer | Portraits

I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new. With photography, I like to create a fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society’s natural prejudice and giving this a twist Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures. It’s about reacting to what you […]