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Nairobi Wedding Photography | Ngurario Wedding Ceremony

Recently, I was lucky enough to cover one of the unique Kikuyu Traditional wedding known as “Ngurario”. Though most of the African cultures have been adversely affected by the western culture: There are few people, maybe I can say the cultural remnants who still observe the traditional rituals. I guess the young generation tries to avoid them due to too many complicated procedures as compared to the modern weddings. It entails a lot of things, especially the husband to be is expected to provide several things to the brides home as a way of appreciation. They include:

1.Young Goat (Mwati)
2. Sheep (Ngoima)
3. Lady goat (Harika)
4. Big sufuria (rurinja)
5. Basin (basin ya mabati)
6. I dozen cups (ikombe cia mabati)
7. Sword (njora)
8. Blanket (murengeti)
9. Two pairs of bedsheet for the father (macuka)
10. Coat (kabuti)
11. One small sufuria with a handle (gathaburia kena munyito)
12. Ten crates of sodas
13. Five crates of beer (njohi) etc
14. Lessos (marithu ma atumia)
15. I bag of sugar (ikunia ria cukari)
16. Foods and drinks for that day

For more information about the “Ngurario” in case you might be looking for help in vain, kindly visit elimuasilia. They are here to help us re-track our footsteps from where we lost them.

Ceremony: Kasarani
Photography: Antony Trivet Photography

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